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Støkk, pronounced [st'oe˘kk], is a non-profit gymnastic club, situated in Runavík, Faroe Islands, with over 600 active members.

Støkk was founded 23. Nov.1966. At the beginning mainly encompassing men's gymnastic disciplines. Nowadays, people in all ages, men, women and children are all part of a community, with a strong traditions, combined with a modern view of the human body.

The variation and degrees of difficulty of the gymnastic disciplines are suited to both gender and age. The groups span from elite teams to fitness exercises, where focus is on the gymnastics disciplines as well as the social well being of the individual participant.

Our training is held during the winter season, and starts in late August and continues to the early days in March. The final event is the annual show, held in Runavík, where all gymnastic participate with an entertaining program, showing family and friends what they have accomplished this season.

Finally we in Støkk want to emphasize on the message, that everyone is welcomed. Individual participants must be at the age of four or above, while younger must be accompanied by parents.

Please do not hesitate to send an enquiry to one of the members of the board of Støkk. You will find the contact information to your right on this page.

We hope to see you soon

-Life in movement.
Ongi tiltøk verða lýst í løtuni
Contact board of Støkk
Please contact the board by email: or by phone +298235617.